1.Explanations on the discrepancy between the money for your purchase and the money deducted from your account

Q: why is the money for my purchase not in accordance with the actual amount of money deducted from my account?

A: Because of the difference of basic currency exchange rate in different countries, when your purchasing is a transnational transaction, the actual amount of money deducted from your account may be discordant with that you should pay for your buying due to the fluctuation of currency exchange rate. Normally, this fluctuation is between 1% and 3.7%. The actual margin is decided by the margin of currency exchange rate between the merchant's country and your country.

2.Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection is a special service offered by Realpay as the third part to protect consumers' rights and interests. Whenever you lose contact with the seller, or you are under a deadlock situation, you can log in our service platform and apply for a refund from us.

After knowing the details, we promise that within 24 hours, we will deal with the situation and ensure your best benefit. We will protect your rights and interests to the largest extend.


After you finish the payment, we would notify the seller to send out the goods at once. 95% of the goods of all the orders on the web would be sent out within 24 hours. Owing to the stock, the shipping of some products may be postponed within 3 to 5 days.

For the transnational transaction, owing to the Customs policy, you may receive the goods within 10 working days. When the holiday or festival meets, the shipping would also be postponed accordingly. For the guests in some countries, it may need 20 working days to receive the goods.

4.Return and exchange policy


If you receive the goods with a wrong size or color, please contact the seller and negotiate for the exchange of the goods.


When you finished the payment, the bank would deduct 5% of amount of your order's payment as the service charge.

When you apply for a refund and it is not out of the goods, the service charge won't be refunded to your account.

When you receive the goods and want to return the goods owing to the defect of the quality please contact the seller at once and negotiate for a resolution of return. The bank would deal with the refund within 5 working days.

5.Payment Modes

We currently support nearly all mainstream credit cards such as visa master JCB , Diners and Express . The specific card in use depends on choice of the merchant .

We currently support nearly all mainstream credit cards such as visa master JCB , Diners and Express . The specific card in use depends on choice of the merchant .

6.Details of the date of receiving a refund

Once the merchant issues an refund application to bank, we will email our costumer in the first time . All issues of the application will be completely settled down within 5 working days , and the specific date of receiving the refund depends on your card issuing bank . According to what we have been performing , you are most likely to receive the refund within 30 working days.

7.How to apply for a forced refund?

If consumers can’t contact retailers or get locked in standoff with them in the course of negotiations, they can get around and log in our customer service platform directly, sending refund requests to payment companies.

With an understanding of the details, we will make a favorable judgment for consumers and protect the rights and interests of consumers significantly.